Congratulations on taking the all important first step of investigating, gathering information, and receiving answers to your long term care

concerns and options.

You are not alone!

Many people find themselves grappling with the same situation.  They see the need for long term care planning either directly through caring for a family member, or by word of mouth from friends.  Sadly, many have waited too long, their health has changed, and options, if any, have been severely limited.  We are certain you have a critical first question that needs to be answered. This is why many consumers work with Ken Patterson at Long Term Care Planning Group, Inc.

Do I/We need long term care insurance?

Plain and simple, “not everyone is a candidate, or is even eligible, for this type of protection,” you need a straightforward way to find the answer.  Ken Patterson has years of experience in guiding consumers, with direct and honest information; he creates solutions for his clients.  

As others have found, Ken’s objective educational approach answers questions directly using specific and easy to follow Q & A.  The back and forth conversations will determine, (Yes/No), if you need long term care insurance.  If the answer is yes, that some form of protection makes sense for you and your family, Ken will then walk you through a comparison of long term care plans from the industry’s top carriers.  His approach will guide your decision and he will complete for you the acquisition of a plan best suited to meet your personal needs and goals.

You’ve taken the all important first step.  Now take the NEXT step! 
Get the answers you need to make an informed decision!

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